Balfron tower (at Balfron Tower)

Going up (at Balfron Tower)

Balfron tower (at Balfron Tower)

"One day, Peter locked himself out of his house. After a spell, the locksmith pulled up in his truck and picked the lock in about a minute.

“I was amazed at how quickly and easily this guy was able to open the door,” Peter said. The locksmith told him that locks are on doors only to keep honest people honest. One percent of people will always be honest and never steal. Another 1% will always be dishonest and always try to pick your lock and steal your television; locks won’t do much to protect you from the hardened thieves, who can get into your house if they really want to.

The purpose of locks, the locksmith said, is to protect you from the 98% of mostly honest people who might be tempted to try your door if it had no lock.”

at The Duke Of Wellington, London N1

#graffiti workshop outcome - we’re not bad @weareheadlondon ! (at Graffik Gallery)

If you’ve only got a week to solve a design problem (and it’s just you, not a team), this might be a worthwhile exercise to manage your time. 

Create a responsive document using InDesign, I find this exciting. 

Brunch at Ottolenghies Islington - delicious